Chatroom Software

Having chatroom software for a website can be very beneficial. That is a great service for website visitors. Today there is plenty of chatroom software out there, each of them offering something unique and different. The following are top 3 chatroom software to have for a website.

  1. Chatango is very easy to install, customizable chatroom. One big plus for using Chatango is that it gives users chance to use own avatar when chatting. Also users can become administrators and moderators of the chatroom, which is another big advantage.
  2. JWChat is a chat script that uses HTML and JavaScript, which is perfect for those that want chatroom up and running quickly. It works like typical messaging client, with emoticons, system sounds, etc.
  3. PhpFreeChat is another customizable chatroom, full of great features. With this software you can create multiple chatrooms and make customized themes for great user experience.